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Fantasy Premier League is an exciting competition that now attracts over 5 million players, every season. It’s a game very-much played for prestige, rather than money, although some managers do create private leagues and compete over a prize pool. For the vast majority of players, the game is about competing with the rest of the world and securing a finishing spot in the top ten thousand. This is not easy and only the most-dedicated are likely to succeed.

The game begins in the weeks approaching the beginning of a new campaign. Once you have signed up for an account (the game is free to play), you will be given a £100m budget to build your squad. This must consist of 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards.

Your players earn points by scoring goals, providing assists, or (for defenders and midfielders) by keeping clean sheets. There is also a complicated bonus point system that rewards good play. Your budget won’t allow you to buy all of the best players, so bargains must be found that offer great value.

In each game-week, you will be asked to name your team captain. This player scores double points and it is vital that you get this selection right most of the time, if you are going to post a competitive score. You also pick a vice-captain, who will take the armband should your chosen captain not take to the field for any reason.

At the start of each campaign, managers are given 3 special ‘chips’. You can play these at any time, although never more than one of them in a single game-week. The ‘Triple Captain’ chip will see your captain earn three times their actual score, for the game-week. ‘Bench Boost’ activates all of your 15-man squad, while ‘Free Hit’ let’s you completely change your entire squad, for one game-week only.

Managers are also given two ‘Wildcards’, during a season. These enable the manager to make wholesale changes to the squad. Otherwise, the manager may only make one change per game-week or pay 4 penalty points to make each further change. Managers refer to these additional changes as ‘taking a hit’.

There are many strategies you can employ, when playing Fantasy Premier League. The most-successful managers tend to avoid taking hits and only get in players that they expect to do well for at least several weeks. They will analyse upcoming fixtures, as well as looking at which players from the player’s team are currently injured or out of favour. Top players will spend several hours a week, gathering information from forums, press conferences and videos like those you will find here on

Fantasy Premier League is addictive to play and will take up a great deal of your time, if you take it seriously. It can be maddeningly frustrating, when events don’t go your way, but most players find the game rewarding and look forward to a fresh challenge every year. Good luck, if you are playing for the first time.

You can create your own FPL account, by visiting the official site and signing-up now.

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